RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

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Re: RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

evilmagicnut wrote:

shawnphoto wrote:

BirdShooter7 wrote:

Pretty impressive assuming the optics match those of the EF mk3.

I think it will exceed the EF mk3. It will have all the new coatings and the new design subtracts 5 elements. This theoretically should make the lens brighter, more contrasty, and less prone to flare.

I sincerely doubt it will not exceed the EF mk3 by a significant margin.

By this logic, they should simply go down to one element. Problem solved! I don't pretend to understand the trade-offs of lens design but I don't think they throw in more elements than necessary for the fun of it.

I doubt that it will exceed the mk3 in any way other than weight and size. I may hope for improved transmission. Any beat on the mk3 is diminishing returns. There's so little room left for improvement.

There are different ways to achieve goals in lens design. For instance you can add in elements, you can make more complex elements, you can use exotic glasses or coatings.

If two lenses accomplish the same goals (well corrected) the one with 20% fewer elements will be better. Assuming that the same quality of glass and coatings are used in both of course.

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