Question about stabilization on the TG series

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Re: Question about stabilization on the TG series

Enders Shadow wrote:

smithaa02 wrote:

So for TG owners, what are your thoughts on video stabilization? Pro's and con's of having it on or off?

Movie mode stabilization is electronic only and it slightly crops the video. It's not particularly effective, but it will help smooth out slow and subtle camera movements.

Thanks for the feedback.  I did some testing with this...  The crop on the TG-6 actually seems somewhat significant.  Also video with stabilization on seems less crisp and a bit more smudged.  But it is more are right it doesn't help with significant movements, and for that I'll likely turn it off, but it will reduce that slight jitter which can drive me crazy.  Hopefully the TG-7 will implement sensor based stabilization for their video.

What about image stabilization? Are the any times where it helps to leave it off?

For still images, it uses 2-axis sensor shift. It's rated at a meager 2.5 stops. If the camera is tripod mounted and you're doing longer exposures or a timelapse sequence, disable IS. Otherwise, just leave it on.

By chance do you know if stabilization is used when shooting burst?

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