DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

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Re: DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

nigelbb wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:

There is not a bridge camera that can come close to the RX10iv let alone match it. The RX10iii is a great camera also with identical IQ as the M4, but the focus on the M4 is significantly improved that, unless you are taking shot of non moving subjects, you will want the M4.

If you want a pocket sized camera the RX100 range have identical IQ to the RX10. The 24-200mm FF equivalent zoom of the RX100M6 & RX100M7 may well be sufficient for you. I owned both an RX10M4 & RX100M6 & found that I almost never used the RX10M4 so sold it.

I’m slowly coming to the same conclusion. I have found that I really don’t have much need for a long zoom. I have taken both the RX 10 m4 and the RX100 m6 on two vacation trips and used the RX 100 most often. I think I could easily get by with just the Rx100.

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