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lwh wrote:

How do you switch from one scenic mode to another? I know how to set a particular scene and take a picture. But if I want to change to a different scene, nothing seems to work; i.e. the left-right navigation buttons don't work nor does the thumb wheel. The only way I've been able to change scenes is to change the mode (to Ai or Aperture priority for example) and then change the mode back again to SCN.

Please advise, thanks

If you're still using the FZ1000 you mentioned a couple months ago, the manual indicates that you need to press the menu button, select the scn tab, select scene switch, and press the menu button again to get to the scene mode choices. If you didn't just customize the scene mode you're in, then pressing the menu button once should take you to the scn tab with scene switch already highlighted; just press menu again to get to your scene choices. Or you could just do as you're doing with the mode dial.

The fine folks at the Panasonic Compact Camera Talk forum might have other helpful information for you.  I didn't see it in the manual, but maybe there's a way to assign scene mode choice to a customizable button or dial.

Edit:  I did do a brief search and found a short thread from this past August on the same question.  The couple people responding are doing it the same way you are, by rotating the mode dial off of and then back to the SCN setting.

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