M 4/3 vs Full Frame, etc

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Re: M 4/3 vs Full Frame, etc

flbdig wrote:

This may not be PC, but M43 is a Better system than most people are photographers. What I mean, is I always see these boring debates but the people knocking the merits or M43 NEVER show their portfolio and images. Most people who talk sensor size, DR, ISO are Normally don't have a portfolio of Great or even excellent images.

There should be a forum rule that if you are negative about an issue shoe us your Pictures where more DR or ISO would have saved the day for you

I am a professional photographer who now use 3 different sensor sizes, M43, APS-C and FF and when I shot film I shot MF. So IQ is super important to me. But the Amazing thing is that in 30 years of delivering images to customers I have Never had one mention, IQ DR, Noise, what sensor size did I use! None of the things that we are so crazy about on these forums.

I keep a link to my website in my post. I post a good amount of images on these forums but real images don't make any difference in these discussions.

I can take Great images with Whatever sensor size or format. So if I can do it anyone can.

Thank you. A professional with images I can see and that tells all I need to know.

The same debate is had over hifi. You would have to have superhuman ears to tell the difference between high end hifi and super high end hifi. In 'blind' tests noone has been able to tell which is which

For me the same applies to cameras and equipment

This forum by it's very nature is full of geeks who don't show their work but make sweeping generalisations/detailed technical analysis but don't show any photos

I was genuinely really worried that I had made a big mistake moving to MFT, because of the hundreds of posts here, until I saw the results in real photos

I am an amateur and have a lot to learn !


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