Budget camera for dental photography and maybe something else...

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Re: Budget camera for dental photography and maybe something else...

YourDentist wrote:

I need something specially made for photos, a smartphone photography sensor doesn't have the quality to make picture with high details as a DSLR camera, with a macro lens, even the lasted iPhone with 1000+ value can't compare to a T6 with a 60mm, 85mm or a 100mm lens, that maybe cost half of the price, a smartphone can do many things good but not excellent or give profesional results. Also the RAW format give much more detail and it can be use as a legal proof on a court.

Doesn't dental photography involve x-rays? I remember I used to do photography with my dentist friend. It was nice shooting all his Ferraris. Quite a pleasant guy, lots of girlfriends (he was in his late 20s and good looking), lived up in a mansion in Scottsdale. Only worked 4 days a week too, the other 3 were spent golfing. In my next life, I shall be a dentist.

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