No idea why people disparage this lens

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Re: No idea why people disparage this lens

DominicVII wrote:

A pancake lens is an indispensable part of my humble arsenal.

A pancake lens makes life so much easier: on cold winter days I can wear my em10 mkii with this lens under my parka and there is no noticeable bulge.

Another great thing about this lens is its small Ø, which allows you to place the camera on the ground in order to shoot with the self-timer; this is impossible with the Lumix 20mm because of its large Ø which extends beyond most compact bodies.

The 20mm only protrudes about 1mm at the bottom when attached to the Panasonic GX800/850, which is the smallest body currently available for M43. It's hardly noticeable. The 20mm is too fat for the GM1/5.

picture for those who are curious:

The optical quality of this lens is remarkably good and the colour rendering as pleasing as that of any other Zuiko prime lens that I had the opportunity to try. In terms of sharpness it is not that far behind my 60mm macro. The autofocus of this lens is somewhat sluggish, but always accurate.

People who disparage this lens as being too slow or obsolete need to realise that individuals like me, who do not live for photography, are quite unwilling to pay silly money for a pro lens.

I got this lens for €109 brand new, and at this price it is an offer that is simply too good to resist.

The 17mm 2.8 is a great option for those who love that focal length but don't want to splash out for the 1.8 version. If you just want a pancake around that focal length, I think the 14mm and 20mm lenses are better options. The 20mm is faster and sharper. The 14mm is a little faster, a little sharper and I believe focuses faster.

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