Which camera is best for this type of image: SD1 Merrill or SD Quattro H?

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Re: Which camera is best for this type of image: SD1 Merrill or SD Quattro H?

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I am very interested in Sigma's Foveon technology for the type of images I take ( I added a sample for your better evaluation). I am particularly interested in high acuity, sharpness and excellent color discrimination in red/magenta and yellow/orange colours. Use of images would be either projected with high contract projectors or printed at book/magazine sizes. I would greatly appreciate to hear from your experiences which camera is best for this type of image: SD1 Merrill or SD Quattro (H)? Thanks a lot in advance!

Is that a real person's teeth?!? They look spectacular! Specimen quality teeth right there. Is that a kid or an adult?

Oh, and I suggest the SD Quattro H, because you can shoot with live-view, rather than trying to look through a viewfinder. Then again, a right-angle viewfinder attachment with magnifier might work out just fine with an SD1 Merrill too. The SD Quattro H will allow you to review your result more quickly though, and if you reduce sharpening all the way, and shoot in Portrait mode, you'll have a great out-of-camera result. BTW, I suggest the new 70mm f2.8 Art. It will work with the SD Quattro H, and I believe it's even better than the 70mm f2.8 EX macro, which I have and love (and use it on both cameras - SD1 Merrill and SD Quattro H).

Good luck!


I think you might be on to something here, as much as I prefer the results from SPP compared to OOC: With the sdQ, once you figure out the (in camera) settings you like the jpgs come out quickly enough and look very good. I am fine with trying to squeeze out the best from the Q files with SPP, but does anyone look forward to that? And we are talking about a situation where the external factors (lighting, particularly) are under control too.

Yeah, but it depends on how important a fast workflow is to you.

I would say that it is very important, because of the high number of pictures to process.

Ultimately I think I prefer the photos from my Merrill, but they're so close that I don't think there's an appreciable difference, and there seems to be more detail in the SD Quattro H photos, because the camera makes 25 MP photos vs. 15 MP photos. To me the main reason for using the SD Quattro H is getting focus right in a more consistent way, being able to review a shot more quickly and accurately (with a better jpeg to review), and seeing the exposure I'm going to be capturing before actually pressing the shutter button. All that makes the SD Quattro H a much better camera to use, in my opinion. Critical focus can be made with 8x magnified view too, but that can't be done with the Merrill.


I don't have any shots of teeth or tongues, but I have these shots, which might help with a decision:



There's some red in those photos, huh?

Absolutely! Beautiful shots BTW!

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