No idea why people disparage this lens

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Re: It suffers by comparison with the 20mm f/1.7

AndyH44 wrote:

SamKnopf wrote:

The 17mm f/2.8 not a bad lens but the only thing it has going for it is that it's small. It's a prime lens that is no sharper than a kit zoom.

By comparison, the Panasonic 20mm is a pancake that is faster and sharper.

........ and larger, noisier, and hunts while trying to auto focus. Did I mention the banding issue that sometimes occurs with the P20 f1.7? Have both so I know.

I myself is a big fan of pancake lenses.

The banding issue with the Pany 20mm is only an issue on one older Oly (Sony) sensor.

No one has mentioned the Pana 14mm f. 2,5.

It is smaller compared to Pana 20mm.

Lensrentals made in 2012 an Imatest about M4/3 wide-Angle lenses.

They tested ten copies of each of the three pancakes and the short result was:

"Of the prime lenses, only the Oly 17 pancake isn’t very good; the Panasonic pancakes were clearly better."

Of course, If you demand a 17mm pancake neither of the Pany lenses will do.

(Pana has a very good15mm f.1,7 lens. It is small but neither cheap nor a pancake.)

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