Need help with focusing issue.

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Can’t say I agree...

Simon Elwell wrote:

This is typical! You use the focus and recompose method - a tried and trusted approach for many photographers. All but one of the responses so far have told you to change your technique - and use *their* approach - also tried and trusted.

But why should you have to?

You don't. Focus and recompose is not only a perfectly acceptable way of focusing and framing - but it works just fine in Fuji cameras - as one poster pointed out - you have to get the settings right.

Except for one little problem... that’s not necessarily true. Portraits are often taken at large apertures with very thin DOF in order to isolate the subject. At those apertures, even a slight focus miss can throw your image OOF. The camera focuses at a fixed range from the camera/lens, which means that the precise focus point is not linear, it’s actually circular — an arc at a fixed distance from the camera. With very thin DOF, moving the camera even a little after establishing focus can throw the location you’ve moved the camera to outside the zone that is in focus. Granted, this may be unlikely unless you’re shooting at very large apertures, but it can definitely happen... and it’s happened to me in the past.

Establishing your composition, then moving the focus point to the desired AF area is a far better and more accurate technique with far less risk of an OOF result. And moving the AF point with most Fuji cameras is extremely simply and doesn’t really slow down the process much at all.

So, sorry, but I guess I really can’t agree with your approach above unless you’re shooting at a sufficient aperture to compensate for the camera movement.

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