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Re: First custom build

windmillgolfer wrote:

Sounds like you’re lucky to still able ride a bike (and breath too). I despair at the carelessness of today’s drivers on a daily basis.

What’s the purpose of the fat tyres, presumably grip and comfort but they must quite inefficient from a rolling resistance viewpoint?

They're not really fat - they are generally known as mid-fat and form a decent compromise. You get a bit more comfort and grip (especially if you run them tubeless and at lower pressures), and don't have to deal with the cost, weight, complexity and maintenance of a rear suspension.

Also they don't look as naff as a fatbike

As to rolling resistance, generally you aren't having to keep up with a peleton on these bikes   Also the wheel diameter is effectively bigger, which also helps.

I have a 27.5+ hardtail and the difference off road compared to an 8 yr old 26" hardtail is a big deal; longer wheelbase, larger tires, slacker head angle all really make a difference over the kind of trails I ride on, and I'm not particularly discerning or into this stuff.

(Oh yeah, great for carrying m4/3 gear, too:-)  )

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