Dust on the sensor I am thinking. I am so done with this!! GR III

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Re: Dust on the sensor I am thinking. I am so done with this!! GR III

My GR (1) was purchased new, and came with dust on the sensor. I didn't send it back for exchange nor got it repaired, both options were pretty much not worth it because of the hassle involved (shipping and expenses, etc.).

I have taken good care of it since (4 years), but now it has conked out with a stuck lens.

My conclusion is very simple and unfortunate, when I take into account the other complaints I read about : Ricoh has no intention of solving this problem. In other words, if you buy a GR of any kind, dust on the sensor, and accumulation of dust inside the camera, have to be considered a probable outcome.

I must be stupid, but my next camera will either be a GR ii (or iii when the price goes down). I will try and make it more dustproof. This might make the camera more ugly or less pocketable, but I will give this a try. The reason I will do this is that the GR is the only camera (presently) that ticks all of my other personal and subjective wishes from a camera.

Any company that will make a GR-like camera (very compact and minimalist, one fixed prime lens and excellent IQ, very good ergonomics and similar price) with better dust-sealing, will, however, get my money. So far, no manufacturer has done so, and nobody knows why.

In some ways, the GR line is somewhat like the Grateful Dead : "it is not the best at what it does, but it is the only one that does what it does". The discontinued Nikon A was the only other similar camera.

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