RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

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Re: RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

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Agree on the weight while traveling. But I've got to believe a wedding or event shooter will love a much lighter version of this staple lens. Looking forward to seeing the results.

But I'm really looking forward to an f4 version...

There have been no rumors of an F/4. But there have been rumors of a 16-28 F/2 non-IS. It could mean that besides the 2.8 IS trinity there is a F/2 non-IS trinity which could mean no plans for a third i.e. F/4 trinity.

Understood, but I'd still love to see what Canon could do to lighten my bag with some f4 RF lenses. Honestly, I have no need for extra speed.

In the meantime, I'll suffer with the lenses I have; the RF 24-105 and EF 70-300 L.

The problem with f/4 lenses is that they're totally antiquated by modern standards. There's no reason to make them other than lightweight. And it seems Canon is pulling out all the stops to keep their fast glass relatively light this time around...

In other words, don't be surprised if an f/4 trinity never happens for the RF mount.

An interesting story that might scare children at night, if it weren't for the fact that RF 24-105 *F4* L was announced on launch day....

Exactly my point actually. The RF 24-105mm completely negates any urgency to create an f/4 “trinity”.

BTW it is the “kit lens” for the RF mount. Which tells you about how special Canon thinks an f/4 lens is.

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