How do you take a picture of someone walking towards you?

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How do you take a picture of someone walking towards you?

The question is purposefully simplistic, but I'm curious to see the answers from other Fuji owners. You're standing still and your subject is walking directly towards you. Assume that you have good lighting, and you're working with a shallow DOF so precise focus is important. Both eyes need to be perfectly sharp.

Do you use face detection? Eye detection? What drive mode? What focus mode? Single focus point or zone? Are you confirming focus with a half press or mashing the button? What settings or techniques are critical to nailing focus?

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AF-S with face/eye detection
2.5% 1  vote
AF-S without face/eye detection
22.5% 9  votes
AF-C with face/eye detection
25.0% 10  votes
AF-C without face/eye detection
42.5% 17  votes
7.5% 3  votes
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