Tracking Autofocus on A7R3 vs A7R4

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Re: Tracking Autofocus on A7R3 vs A7R4

SigZero wrote:

chironNYC wrote:

Can someone who has used both the A7R3 and the A7R4 discuss the differences between the two in terms of their autofocus systems (after the 3.0 firmware update to the A7R3)?

After the 3.0 update the A7R3 is described as having Real-time Eye AF Tracking in AF-C mode with half-press of either the shutter button or the back button focus button, with both humans and animals.

How does this differ from Real Time Tracking as implemented on the A7R4?

How is the user's shooting experience different?

I'm looking for more insight into the user experience than is provided by reading the help guide or the manuals.

Thank you!

The logic of both systems is similar but implementation is quite different.

R3 does not have the Real Time Tracking - it has only Real Time Eye AF - which detects faces and eyes in scenes. As for tracking it still uses old tracking method - which is not AI powered and does not take shape and texture into account.

R4 has the Real Time Tracking which makes huge difference. In my case (I'm using tracking to track planes and trains) those are two worlds. R3 tracking looses object very fast and does not find them again, does not work if you zoom during AF, does not work if object is approaching. R4 RTT handles all those situations perfectly. And if object is a person it automatically switches to Eye AF or Face AF if possible.

As a matter of fact Real Time Tracking (with AF-C) is the only AF method I'm currently using. Even in landscape - I simply point to an object which is the main subject and then recompose freely - camera keeps that object in focus constantly - I can zoom, pan etc.

The Real Time Tracking is the first Sony's tracking system that works. I had A6300, A6500 and A7R3 - and to be honest in not trivial situations the tracking mode in those cameras is useless - it looses objects fast and randomly - which is not a reliable way of using AF.
(I'm talking about general tracking of object - not Eye or face tracking).

Br, Pawel.

One related and one not so related question: How well does RTT in the A7r IV work in low or very poor light? Let´s say social situation (banquet, wedding, etc.) in dimly lit rooms, no flash possible.

Regarding the limited touch functionality: Is it possible to tap the spot I want to have in focus on the display, and the camera keeps the focus via RTT?

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