Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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jimkohn wrote:

Ok, regarding the detachable evf, it’s not the dealbreaker I thought it would be. It’s definitely not ideal and I would absolutely prefer that it was built in. But it just isn’t as big a deal as I thought it would be. And for the record, even with the evf on the M6 ii with the 22mm f2 pancake easily fit in my jacket pocket ( a regular fleece zip up). So really a non issue there. If you feel you need it, put it on. If not, remove it.

I have been tempted by the Zony 24mm 1.8 as I love the way it renders. But if I’m going to carry that size/weight kit I might as well use my a7iii with the Sony 35mm f2.8. But we’re talking about (aps-c) pancake lenses here. Again, if the Sony 20mm pancake was a more compelling lens we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. But he Sony is a lens that compromises speed and image quality for size. The Canon is actually a really good lens that also happens to be a pancake. Just no comparison.

Mitigating the evf “issue” is the newer sensor and surprisingly for me the Canon touchscreen implementation. Just as the evf is not as big an issue as I expected, the touchscreen is not as I expected either. It is much better. I now understand why camera reviewers always bemoan the limited functionality of Sony touchscreens. I never missed having one but now that I’ve used a very one I really love it. It is fine for framing and viewing photos, but it is GREAT for making adjustments to camera settings.

Sometimes you have to actually try something, rather than just read about it, to fully appreciate the pros and cons. I love my Sony gear but that killer 22mm pancake on the M6 II provides an absolutely wonderful shooting experience and terrific images. It’s a phenomenal small kit, with or without the evf.

I'd like to see a side by side with the 20 2.8, these tests say its just as incredible as the 2, probably better by f8, which surprised me. Wider its always sharp in the center, overall t-stop with .6ev, plus you can make the 20 a 16 within seconds.

If you're happy with the results you get from your lens, that's all that matters. Given the choice between the two lenses I chose the faster, sharper lens. Yes, the Sony version catches up at f8. That has no value to me. How's the Sony at f2? The Canon is superior at f2.8 up through 5.6, as indicated by your charts above. Most important for me is that I was quite unimpressed with the Sony 20mm and I am extremely impressed with the Canon 22mm. If you feel differently that's fine. Enjoy and take great photos. To each his own.

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