Sony A7III w/Godox V860 II Flash - What is going on!?

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Michael W00d Contributing Member • Posts: 989
Re: Sony A7III w/Godox V860 II Flash - What is going on!?

Qqphot is quite correct. The factor the earlier posters omitted is variable flash power. I use Godox 685Ss off-camera and have had zero problems. Shooting in TTL and A priority I found the system would default to 1600 ISO. This could be because Sony caters for potentially low power flash units by setting ISO to 1600. I usually set ISO to 800, aperture to what is appropriate and leave shutter speed and flash to what the equipment chooses. It has always chosen correctly.

Interestingly, I know that Sony sets its own parameters for flash photography because recently in a shoot (very dark) I stopped shooting with the flashes to do some non-flash exposures but I accidentally left the transmitter switched on. The monitor previews looked perfect because the camera was expecting the flash to fire. The resulting non-flash images were of course grossly underexposed.

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