ISO 800+ -- high noise

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Re: ISO 800+ -- high noise

Chaplain Mark wrote:

It's an issue of signal-to-noise ratio.

Your fundamental problem with noise was due to the low-light conditions in which the shots were taken.

The less light available to capture at the moment of shutter release, the noisier the shot will be, regardless of ISO value.

The higher ISO you used for those low-light shots served not only to brighten the images, but also to amplify the noise.

You can run your own demonstration of signal-to-noise phenomenon by taking shots at the same ISO you used in the noisy low-light shots, but taken in bright lighting conditions, where your subject matter is brightly lit.

Your brightly lit shots will be much less noisy, given any particular ISO value.

I kind of saw this for myself. I took a couple of monochrome shots early this morning in the fog.

I don't remember the aperture setting, but I had the ISO set to auto and the ISO on both came in at 6400. The first was taken at a speed of 1/500, and the second at 1/125. The first is a whole lot noisier than the second, I think.

Steve Thomas

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