M50 diopter will not adjust enought to correct my vision

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Re: M50 diopter will not adjust enought to correct my vision

Well I did discover that if I don't move the dioptic slider all the way to the right things are in focus. So until my vision changes I will be ok, just not enough wiggle room for my liking.

I did get my dremel out and tried to cut the shape of my view finder form my old cheater glasses. One problem with this is even though the lens is clear it covers the sensor on the right that detects the eye is at the view finder and switches off the rear display. So Now I think I will just make lens just slightly bigger than the camera diopter.

I do believe if I really wanted I could take the lens to a lab where they make lens for glasses and they could cut for me. Now I am going to get some sandpaper and make the lens just big enough to cover the built in diaopter. Then I would just have to find some adhesive to make the lens stay in place.

Here is a link to show the first lens I tried making to fit. So for some one that really needs some + magnification to get the EVF in focus i thing this would be a good solution.


Hope this helps some people out.


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