Z7 Shooting With Focus Shift, Z Lenses & FTZ Adapter

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Re: Z7 Shooting With Focus Shift, Z Lenses & FTZ Adapter

GuyDagar wrote:

fishguy wrote:

I haven't played with that feature yet. As I understand there is not much documentation on the focus shift settings. How do you determine the start/stop points in a scene and how do you determine the total number of shots in a single sequence?


Hi fishguy. See my article on TalkPhoto, Nikon D850 & Z6/Z7 Focus Shift .

But, for starters, if you're shooting a landscape with a lot of distance, and you want everything in focus from close to the farthest point, set the number of shots to 100 for starters. It will only take what it needs and then you'll get an idea of how many it takes. But, every scene can be different. Some may take only 7 shots, similar scenes may take 14, or 30. Mainly you want to let the camera decide in most cases. For macro shots or distances that are measured in inches and not feet, it may take more than a hundred shots.

You determine the starting point by focussing your lens on that point, the closest point you want in focus. Set the number of shots and if it goes beyond the point you want in focus, you eliminate those pics later or simply don't include them in the stack.

Read my article and please feel free to contact me with questions. It's not as complicated as I may have made it look. Play with the settings and experiment and you'll learn a great deal.

Thanks so much GuyDagar.  I will give it a try with macro first next week.  Will read through your article.  This may be much more user friendly than using my stackshot rail.


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