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Ben Herrmann
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Alas, I have an X-rated kitty....

As I mentioned on this forum a few weeks ago, we managed (after several weeks) to both capture and adopt the last remaining kitten (all the others perished) from a feral female tabby that we've befriended on our patio.  It took us awhile to capture this kitten who knew instinctively how to avoid traps of all types.  But after several weeks and a concerted effort on our part, we managed to snag him.  He spent several days at the Vet's clinic, getting him fixed up, and then we brought him home.  It didn't take long for him to adapt and now he rules the roost, however....  We named him Tigger.  He's fast as a Cheetah and has a longer body like one also.

Being a male tabby (a true tabby both in behavior and markings), he is the most horny cat I've ever seen.  Whether he's trying to pork my leg under the covers, or trying to mount the other two older female cats that we have, he has been a real booger to be sure.  So 10 days ago we got him neutered - actually moving him up a monthly early - in hopes that the neutering would settle him down a bit.  But nooooooooooo - the moment we brought him home from the Vet's clinic and opened the travel case, he flew out and immediately tried mounting one of the other kitties - sigh...

He's got a real personally and is one of the most handsome cats I've seen.  Here are some photos taken of him (he's around 5 1/2 months old now).

In the first two shots, we posed him with his artificial mate - a stuffed toy cat that he humps daily like it owes him money...   He was real good for these posed photos.  All images taken with the Pen F with the Godox TT350 flash in bounce mode.

Look at the expression on the stuff kitty's face - it's like he's been through the ringer.  The face and eyes used to look normal, now it looks like he's worn out.

Again, look at the stuffed animal's face - ya gotta love.

Always watchin' to see what's going on outside and when he spots his mother, he starts making all kinds of sounds.

Now after I left the room where I had taken the staged photos, I turned around to come back to get something and here is Tigger having his way with the stuffed animal.  I just cracked the hell up - he's that hilarious.  Reminds me of me when I was a young Marine!!!!

I had to admit, even I started feeling bad for that stuffed kitty - he's been through the ringer.

Best of luck and health to you all!
Bernd ("Ben") Werner Herrmann
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina USA

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