Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 mark ii ( Olympus body)

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Two bodies, two lenses

A_Mist wrote:

Since Olympus doesn’t offer small WR primes, we must look for other side of the fence. I’m looking for this new version of PL 25mm to pair with my E-M1.2. It should work flawlessly with Panasonic bodies, but what about Olympus? Does anyone here have experience with Olympus and PL 25mm mark i combo? How’s the AF?

Have they done something new to AF motor in mark ii? Or is it the same lens as mark i but with added WR? From the launch info I assume that it’s the same, or do we have some other info?

I have an OM-D E-M1.2 and a Pen F. I also have the Oly 25mm f/1.2 Pro, and the PL 25mm f/1.4 since its introduction in 2011.

The PL works flawlessly on both Oly bodies. There is the issue of "rattlesnaking" aperture blades on my Pen F, but I have not noticed it on the E-M1.2. It's possible that I've just not had the lens in a situation that causes rattlesnaking on the E-M1.2. Dunno. The rattlesnaking does not affect image capture or quality, it's just a bit unnerving the first few times you hear it.

The Oly is a far better lens wide open at f/1.2 than the PL is at f/1.4. That's my assessment from experience. YMMV. Stop them down to f/2 and smaller, and they are both excellent. They render differently, neither better than the other, just differently. I truly enjoy the rendering of the PL at f/2 and smaller, while the Olympus, while excellent and beyond reproach, seems more digital/clinical (I hate the term "clinical" but I use it here).

The bottom line is that use the Oly 25mm f/1.2 Pro on my OM-D and my PL 25mm f/1.4 on my Pen F and all of my Pens that preceded it. You cannot go wrong with either choice. I'm waiting to see if there is any image quality difference between the two PL versions; my understanding that there should be no difference. If your heart is set on the PL.2, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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