Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

Charles2 wrote:

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janeames wrote:

What do you mean by profile the monitor?

This process is two step:

1. Calibrate the display for a desired behavior.
2. Create an ICC profile for color managed applications to DEFINE the condition.
One without the other is a bit like one hand clapping. Doesn’t work.

Of course, for 99 percent of photographers who use color management, it is done as a single process with a hardware/software calibration package. As the staff at Eizo, the top-tier monitor maker, explain:

( )

I concur with your post that 99 percent of photographers, whether amateur or pro who use current software for color management, have come to believe that it is nothing other than a single step procedure.  Software currently in use such as that offered by XRite and others seamlessly incorporate monitor calibration and profiling so that it has become a single step procedure (process if you wish).  In fact, the link you provide distinctly describes the two processes that occur.  Granted, there are two processes that occur.  However, they are not performed as two distinct separate steps (processes).  It can be compared to the step required to booting up today's computers versus in the past.  In the past, several separate components had to be turned on, such as monitor, disk drive and the component that held the CPU.  These were distinct steps (processes) that had to be performed in order to boot up a computer.  Only a nerd or a very anal person would begin a dialog disputing that booting up a computer is a multiple step process.  The same can apply to configuring a monitor for proper color management.

It's as though this person has a vendetta against you.

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