Good lens for product photography on a budget? Nikon DX

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Good lens for product photography on a budget? Nikon DX

I have seen similar posts on the subject but still find myself confused as to which direction to go in.

I have a DIY product photography setup, light table and 500w total constant lighting, optional speed light and led panels etc. Space is an issue and 6ft is my absolute maximum working distance. The subjects are generally 6 inches wide and sometimes just as deep, it can also be nice to picture multi packs side by side although this could be photoshopped. The back ground is white and images that do not need clipping are preferable.

I have a D7500 with the kit lens, 18-140, the d5600 kit lens 16-55 and a 35mm prime lens.

Shallow DoF is not desirable because the objects are 6” and shooting closer than 2ft produces other undesirable effects like severe barrel distortion on the 18-140. F stops would be 8-16 range. Upgrading to fx would blow my budget and I believe DoF is naturally shallower on fx? I like to hand hold sometimes so VR would be preferable although I don’t think lens weight is an issue.

I’m looking to ditch the 18-140 for something in the 80-120 range that produces more consistent IQ and contrast at that range, less barrel distortion and aspherical glass would help for close ups but the 16-55 is a fair lens as a short distance backup, I have 35mm f/1.8 prime too.

I have $500-$750 to spend, do I go with

85mm macro dx new

17-70 fx sigma art (crops to 105) new

60mm fx macro (crops to 90) new or used

-no vr though

16-85 tele nikon used

16-80 tele nikon used

Some of these do not use the whole budget so could potentially get a combination of two.

Nikon D5 Nikon D5600 Nikon D7500
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