Canon EOS R as a sports/action camera

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Canon EOS R as a sports/action camera

Hi, i'm an amateur sports photographer. Here is my thoughts about EOS R as an action camera.

I've tested it on a local acrobatics competition and it was a completely disaster (especially after my beloved 7DmkII).

What was good:

- Good shots definitely better than on 7DmkII

- Using rearscreen helps to avoid problems with level which i often experienced with OVF


What was bad:

- AutoISO, AutoWB, AF - all of them extremily unreliable. EyeAF half ot the time thought than some stranger's face at the background is my main subject.

- Both rearscreen and EFV are way to laggy comparing with OVF


While EOS R is great camera for common use, i would not recomend it as an action camera (at heavy light conditions especcialy).

Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my native language.

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