Is it worth getting an OG Canon EOS-M

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Re: Is it worth getting an OG Canon EOS-M

michoristo wrote:

The original M is absolute garbage. I had one and it was practically unusable unless you were shooting a static subject in bright light. The autofocus is sooooooooo slow that it was impossible to use. Low light? forget about it.

Did you update the firmware?  If I recall correctly there was an update that improved tings a little. 
I wouldn't call it "absolute garbage" especially compared to what else was available for that price at that time (I got a "fire sale" M and adapters).
Using the M "back in the day" I managed to get a lot of "keepers" even of stuff in motion including kids running around.  Some of this was luck and some of this was just a lot of experience using bad cameras.
Yeah low-light was not great but neither was low-light on my DSLR I had at the time.  There is an AF assist lamp on the M that for close things worked OK in low light but a large lens could mess it up.

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