THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: I would have much rather..

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

Laslo Varadi wrote:

... and waiting on Nikon to produce something with top AF capabilities.

When do you estimate it is coming? Also how good is the A9 in low light, is it D5 good?

Sony top models are just getting level with D5, D850 and D500 focus tracking ability.

"Pot stirring" - this means Sony users have had inferior AF in these respects for a number of years.

Sony's latest AF tracking seems to be a development that works on similar principles to Nikon 3D-tracking by recognising the subject other than by focus distance alone.

Z 6/7 went "sideways" introducing AF tracking across the frame including initially face tracking and, with the recent update, eye tracking.

As Nikon now has both technologies (in 2 different cameras) perhaps when they introduce a pro grade AF ML body they will go ahead of Sony. Whether this will be in time for next years Japan Olympics only Nikon knows.

In the near future the F6 is likely to have improved AF over the F5, likely taking Nikon distinctly ahead of Sony for AF by early next year.

If the F6 has even more cross type AF points, the much rumoured IBIS, improved focus peaking etc although it is likely to be bigger and heavier than the F5 - which some photographers prefer - I expect it will interest a very significant number of sports and bif photographers

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