Color matching problems

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Color matching problems

Contrary to the other totally positive reviews here, I have had intractable problems using the Canon printer driver in conjunction with Photoshop. (By "driver" I'm including the "Properties" window that opens when you are ready to print, and selects options for the driver. I'm using the Windows version.)
Most fundamental, if you choose to exercise manual control, your options are extremely limited. No setting for gamma, no curves, no adjustment for saturation, just  three color sliders and "brightness" (three presets), "contrast" (very primitive), and "intensity." What, you may wonder does "intensity" mean? It seems to reduce color saturation but also lightens black areas. I gave up trying to quantify its results.
But why am I trying to do things manually? Because the result of trying to do things automatically created images that were too dark and oversaturated. Using the Canon brand "Photo Paper Pro Luster" bundled with the printer I initially specified this in the printer driver window for ICM color matching (which is buried three levels down). Printing from a color-adjusted photograph in Photoshop using default ICM sRGB profile, the printer output was--as already stated--much too dark and saturated relative to the screen image on a properly calibrated monitor.
However, Photoshop helpfully included an ICM profile for the precise paper I was using (presumably this profile was added during Canon printer driver installation). When I chose that option, my screen image changed radically, to look just like the printer output. In other words, the screen image became just as dark and oversaturated as the printer output. Well, at least they now matched!
At this point I could edit my photograph in Photoshop till it looked acceptable on the screen, but I did not relish the idea of grossly adjusting curves and saturation in any pre-existing photograph that I might want to print. So, I reverted to my initial strategy, trying to get the printer to reproduce the screen image accurately, instead of editing my photographs to match the peculiarities of the printer. I tried all conceivable combinations of settings, including switching off all color management, but was unsuccessful.
You may be wondering if I'm clueless and don't have my monitor properly set up. Of course this is a possibility, yet when I send photographs out to poster-printing services, using just a default sRGB profile, they come back looking great.
Moreover, my previous Canon printer, in the 9000 series, gave acceptable results--not wonderful, because I had to reduce magenta by 5%, but I could live with that.
I also have a high-volume Epson ink-jet, only four colors, designed for office use, and it does reasonably good photo reproduction. But, like all Epsons I have ever owned, its ink jets clog if the printer is not used for a while.
So, my color-matching is exclusively a Canon Pro-100 problem, and cannot be fixed by manual settings. Hence the 2-star rating.

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