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cortex95x wrote:

I've been a staunch supporter and purchaser of RRS products for as long as I can recall, but a recently received L-Plate has given me pause. In hand, it appears to have been machined to the same level of high quality that I've grown to expect from RRS, but upon examining the items included with the plate I came across two strips of clear tape along with a card explaining their purpose. Apparently, the L-Plate has the potential to scratch or otherwise deface the base of the camera, and it is suggested that the tape be applied to the camera—rather than the plate—to prevent same. If RRS is aware of the potential for damage to a $10,000 camera, should they not have modified the plate to prevent same? And are we not in essence defacing our own cameras with their tape?

I will be returning the L-plate and will search for a less potentially damaging alternative. If any GFX100 owners have or are using non RRS Arca Swiss compatible tripod plates, L or not, I would be most interested in hearing about it.

Thank you in advance

for the first time in about a decade that I did not use the genuine RRS L plate on my camera, such the case as my GFX100 which I could not wait and bought the SmallRig - well made, but not the same quality as RRS but not terrible enough to throw away.

The camera will eventually get its scratches in use so I am not bothered and in fact, I seldom remove the L plate once it is attached to any of my cameras.  RRS is a good company deserves support. Technically all cameras can get scratched from a mounting plate and a painted surface will be more likely so. I have friends using masking taps on all the RRS plates.  It matters to people who think it matters, and a masking tape is not such a bad idea.  I think RRS is just being honest about the fragile finish on the GFX100 while most of the others don't.

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