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Re: 90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

These are pretty sharp images, thank you.

I went to a bird reserve this morning, plenty of light and pretty much all my shots are fuzzy..... and I can't understand why.

Once I realised that I couldn't get a sharp shot with birds, even stationary ones, i tried to focus on stationary subjects (rocks, trees etc) and still couldn't get a sharp shot at 600mm.

I could get a sharp shot at 600mm on a fairly close subject (less than 10 meters) but anything further than 20-30meters is all fuzzy and pretty much ready for the bin.

Then, I tried a few shots from my balcony. Same settings, similar distance and I get sharp images!!

I am getting frustrated as I can't understand what I am doing wrong. I understand moving birds are difficult and I would be happy to admit it is my technique. But I think I am a good enough photographer to be able to focus on a rock and get a sharp shot.
I tried everything this morning, VC on, VC off, slower faster shutter speed etc.. All fuzzy rubbish.

See photos below. All at 1/2000 and quicker, all at f8 with auto iso.
No cropping except the lorikeet at the end.

This is straight out of the camera, exported to jpg from LR.

f8 1/2500 iso1600 600mm

Nothing is in focus on this shot, although I definitely had the camera tracking the birds. 1/2500 shutter speed

1/2500 f8 iso800 600mm

Once I realised ALL my bird shots were blurry I decided to focus on stationary things.
This herby rock obviously doesn't move and it is still blurry as hell. This one is at a ridiculous shutter speed 1/4000 and f6.3 but that's because I got frustrated and tried different settings. I got the same results at f8 and shutter speed lower than 1/2000.

Another example. Blurry. Camera focused on bird.

Then when I got home I took a photo from my balcony with similar settings, and this is sharp.
I understand this is not a bird and doesn't move, but so doesn't the herby rock above.

I wouldn't obviously usually use such a fast shutter speed for that sort of subject but wanted to use similar settings as in my bird shots to see if I was shaking, doing something wrong etc...

1/2500 f8 iso400

I also got this with the same lens in my garden, but much much closer to the bird.
This is nice and sharp (and moving), the only difference is that the subject is a lot closer, does this make a difference? It appears that it does, but should it?

Also at f8 1/2500 iso2000 - cropped and Denoised with Topaz denoise AI

So, I am a bit lost and start to think that the Tamron 150-600 G2 is highly unreliable or/and needs some sort of adjustments. The problem is that I don't see any front or back focusing on the shots...just blurryness, fuzzyness and uglyness. Nothing is actually in focus except the last two shot.

I am going to rent the Canon 100-400 mkii with a 1.4x tc and see what I get.... If I can't get a decent shot with that combo then I will know it is me

But in all seriousness I really can't understand why my shots are so bad.

1/2500 and f8 should be fast enough with a forgiving enough DOF to give me at least ONE sharp shot out of the 258 I took this morning.

Thank you for your help

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