Here is a real question re: 12-40 versus the Panny 35-100 F2.8?

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Re: Here is a real question re: 12-40 versus the Panny 35-100 F2.8?

Guy Parsons wrote:

That is indeed an odd result. Focus was don't know where as the distant mountain is quite blurred as well.

The distant mountain in sun was beyond the possibility of DOF at 40mm, F5. What I was concerned about having in focus sharply was the sunlit buttress. I used MF with Focus Peaking and was unconcerned about the shaded mountain nearer to me, but just the sunlit buttress. I wanted and obtained sufficient sharpness on the background pinnacle given that it was shaded and that one wouldn't look at the detail in the shade. The skyline of the shaded pinnacle needed to be "sharp enough" so as not to be distracting.

To remove the possibility of "murky air", how does it behave when say, filling the frame with a house (or part of it) from the street?

There is no way here that it is murky air as this is in good light, sidelit, and the distance here is but 200-300 yards. The amount of water vapor or atmospheric pollutants is directly proportional to the distance to the subject, provided there is no inversion.

Sunny, no wind, this morning here in Sydney so will try a few more compares with more reliable light - but first it's breakfast time.

My default good light MySet leaves me always at f/5.6 so I'll stick to that for both lenses to see if there's any significant differences for close or far shots at 40mm.

For general scenery I always use small centre box AF and focus on furthest detail in the scene, hold half press and reframe to shoot. I leave IBIS always on and use zero second anti-shock. I have no fully electronic shutter ability with my generation of M4/3 gear.

Certainly IBIS was on Auto and zero second anti-shock was employed. But the problem is not uniform across the frame at a given distance (which eliminates DOF issues).

It shows up here, too, at 40mm, F7.1 - notice that the trees both yellow and green on the left of the image are clearly less sharp than those towards the right of the image. Although I was not braced as I shot, I was careful as I shot.

12-40 @7.1, 40mm.

Compare this to a 35-100 image shot at F 7.1 and 48mm. I was braced here below.

35-100 @ 48mm, F7.1

This latter is much sharper. Yet from the same above shoots, my wider angle 12-40 images don't show this across-frame variation in sharpness...

This is odd and I am sure the lens was not this way until recently, and I know I have never dropped or banged the camera or lens. It would seem this situation has just developed with usage or perhaps by pressing on the camera as I put it into my pack in a LowePro Toploader (which is very cushioning).

I have a good way of verifying, as I gave my sister my original 12-40 and so I can shoot some detail and compare the two sets of images.

Thanks, Guy.

Regards.... Guy

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