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Re: Phase detect auto-focus

daleeight wrote:

cameron2 wrote:

It's a lie. The ISO performance can not be improved by even one stop, because physics. The QE of the sensors are already over 50%, so a 2-stop improvement would put their QE at over 200%, on a scale of 0-100%. That is what we call "impossible".

I think the statement is a 2 stop advantage over the E-M5mkII....

Still might not be possible in your head, or other physicists, but I think I agree with RedDog Steve and waiting for real numbers is a better idea than claiming it is a lie.

Look, every camera that Pany and Oly have ever released has had a 1-2 stop improvement over the previous model. By now, if you add all those stops up, the EM5iii and GH6 should have 99 stops of DR, and see in the absolute dark.

I'm just calling it a lie because it's been a lie almost every time that they've made the silly claim. (The original EM5 was a noticeable jump forward, so that one probably wasn't a lie. That was the switch from the Pany 12mp sensor to the Sony 16mp sensor.)

Sure, we can put this discussion on pause for a couple months until the camera comes out and doesn't magically match a 35mm sensor camera (which is what 2 stops would give it). Then you can come back here and say "yeah, it was a lie".

I'm just saving you some time, because I already know that it's a lie.

p.s. I think that the camera looks to be a great camera. I don't need them to lie to make it good; just be honest about what it can do, because that list of non-lies seems impressive enough without adding obviously nonsensical claims.

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