Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Just curious if there is any software or procedure where a monitor is just calibrated? That is, no profile is created as a result of a monitor calibration.

That’s exactly what took place many years ago prior to implementation of ICC color management. Go back to the old Radius PressView systems 17” then later 21” CRT displays. They calibrated to ColorMatch RGB before an ICC profile of such a behavior existed. Every PressView so calibrated matched this behavior.

I suppose that the question should have been posed as; is there is any software or procedure currently offered that performs just a monitor calibration? What was offered in the past doesn't seem relevant to the current discussion if monitor calibration by itself is no longer available/performed.

Calibrate the display and toss the ICC profile but why? Modern CMS and software that supports it need both as explained.

You appear to have avoided the very clearly stated question.

I explained why there is no need to avoid a device profile.

Allow me to reiterate the question.

Is there any monitor calibration "only" software currently available?

None I’m aware of instrument based because it’s a hack with today’s workflows using ICC CMS that REQUIRES a device profile. But I told you how to implement the hack if you must. Now why you would consider such a hack???? 🤮

I don't recall making any reference to a desire to not include a profile, nor any to a desire of hacking anything.

And do you understand the massive advantages of NOT editing images based on a display color space/behavior? It was outlined in the Adobe URL provided. This provides a way to calibrate AND profile the display while editing in ANY color space. You simply can’t do that without modern ICC Color Management using the display profile and the ICC architecture. A display calibrated but not profiled doesn’t provide that; you are only and alwaysediting in that specific display color space whatever it might be. Clearly you didn’t read the white paper explaining this process.

Display Using Monitor Compensation can’t exist without the ICC profile characterizing the display which is produced after calibration. Two steps. Not one. Despite your request to hear about a one step process that’s a hack and not at all useful for the past 20 years and is no longer available.

Now why ask the question of whether any such software is currently offered?

Why indeed: You asked a question about a software producing a single process then go on to “suppose“ it is a “essentially one step“ process which has been explained isn’t one step:

I suppose it goes back to the responses in which it was more or less stated that monitor profiling and calibration is essentially one step, which it is.

No, you suppose wrongly it absolutely is not one step “more or less“: it is more than one step. It is two steps! This has been explained and expressed by multiple knowledge posters and outside references. You are like just one other fellow here, free to ignore such facts about how this all works.

The dialog by you and others is essentially superfluous.

For you, then move on. Superfluous and misunderstood by two people here but technically spot on correct! This kind of color architecture is well over 20 years old. Every modern software product that deals with Color Management uses this architecture. I’m sorry if such facts ruin your day.

It may be interesting and informative, but superfluous.

You are excused from further posting or learning about the vast differences between display calibration and profiling and why by design these two process differ.

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