How to keep editing consistency when you shoot different subjects?

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How to keep editing consistency when you shoot different subjects?

Hi everybody! First time here in this community that already feels like home. I am writing you from Italy then forgive me for my possible mistakes.

As I mentioned above, I would like to ask to you guys what do you think of consistency when you love to photograph different subjects?

I photograph Landscapes mainly and portraits. For the two I use different way to post produce them giving to the former a more realistic look and to the second a dreamier one, and that depends on how I see them and like them.

I want to start working on my own in wedding and portrait photography mainly but if I find the opportunity I don't mind at all working for some magazines of landscapes.

The question comes since I can't leave the two photographic genres together on my instagram, and maybe neither on a hypotetical website, because it is not visually pleasant.

I thought to create two different accounts for what concerns instagram but I am still not happy. I think either I am doing it wrong because I have like two separate styles or either photographers doing more subjects do the same.

There is anyone out there who has/had the same struggle? some advices?

Thank everyone answering!

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