DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

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Re: DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

RBEmerson wrote:

Jerry045 wrote:

There is not a bridge camera that can come close to the RX10iv let alone match it. The RX10iii is a great camera also with identical IQ as the M4, but the focus on the M4 is significantly improved that, unless you are taking shot of non moving subjects, you will want the M4.

Comparing the Mk3 and Mk4, the Mk4 focus technology is a major deal maker.

If you want examples, feel free to look at my Flickr site below.

The site answers my questions about macros.

This is a DSLR sized camera, it is not suited for helmet mounting.

And then there's the issue of FOV. My Sony FDR-X3000 has a significantly wider FOV. [/ tongue in cheek]

Seriously, as an action cam, the FDR-X3000 optical and electronic image stabilization combination is impressive.


I purchased a cheap UV filter and found it degraded my images. I don't use anything on my lens but the sun shade. I am sure more expensive UV filters would perform better, but adding glass will always add one more surface for reflections in spite of non-reflective coatings. No coating is 100% non-reflective.

It comes down to protecting the front element from stupidity v. possible reflections. It's cheaper to replace the filter. Or remove it if it has to go.

Yes, it is a pricey camera, but if you want the best, it will cost you.

Now where have I heard that before? Ah, yes, from my friendly McLaren dealer. [/ wink]

The bigger the sensor, the narrower the FOV for the same aperture opening. It's physics, more so than brand dependent.

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