What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

Brian Wadie wrote:

Donald B wrote:

pretty much sums it up. All the other companies are real worried about Olympus. Hense all the sales reps trolling the m43 forums.


I sometimes wonder if people realise that a lot of the aircraft they fly in on holiday have "plastic bodies" likewise much of modern cars and boats (and flack jackets, bullet proof glass etc) that are essentials of our every day life

As one who spent a career researching polymeric materials so that we could better understand how to design them to meet the demanding needs of many and various uses I sometimes wonder at the ignorance of the self-proclaimed "experts" who pontificate on and denigrate the use of such materials in modern camera bodies

Yes, "plastic" covers a huge spectrum of materials with a mind boggling array of properties.

We could even say that Lewis Hamilton races in a "plastic" car when he drives his CFRP bodied Mercedes when he does battle with Vettel a in his "plastic" Ferrari.

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