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ikaika777 wrote:

It’s against the law for retailers to sell used products “as new”. They have to sell it as used or open box/demo. Places like B&H and Adorama offer 30 days return policy on used/open box/demo products. There’s nothing worse than buying someone else’s lemon.

That's 100% false.

There are no laws, of this kind, that protect U.S. consumers.

B&H, along with every other large retailer, that has liberal return policies, inspects, cleans and repacks returns and if there are no visual defects to the equipment or the box, the items are resold as new.

B&H has admitted this several times in the past.

If the box is damaged or there are minor imperfections (scratches, etc.) the item will be sold as an "open box".

Returned items that actually have a manufacturer's defect are returned to the manufacturer but if there no manufacturer's defect they are sold as stated above.

Liberal return policies are great for some people but they're like a pyramid scheme and sooner or later, someone gets stuck with the used camera someone else tried, used, took on vacation and then returned for a refund.

It happens every day, here in the States.

I do agree that in other countries this is against the law but most other countries don't have liberal return policies.

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