Benefits of 4K display (for photo editing)

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Re: Benefits of 4K display (for photo editing)

sankos wrote:

juhsstin2 wrote:

Wow that's a lot, but it sounds like the jist is: better to stick with 2K because that's what everyone else still views on for the most part. okay fair enough.

To have the best of both worlds you could use a 2-monitor set-up: a good quality 4K monitor which you use for viewing and global edits (colour and tone), and a small Full HD display for inspecting critical detail at 100% magnification.

i just wondered because i do notice that when viewing some images on my 2k display, there is some staggering of curved lines, like the pixels are too big, but then i zoom in and see that the curves smooth out. I was wondering if using a 4k display might relieve this effect.

A 4K display should be better for viewing purposes -- there's less downsampling going on when you view high megapixel photos. You could also try a different image viewer (or change its settings) because it might use a better downsampling / sharpening routine.

FastPictureViewer: high quality image downsampling is ON

But a true representation is always at 1:1 magnification.

i am actually thinking of getting a new laptop, that was the genesis of this thread.  one that i was eyeing had  4k display, and it was a good deal but it got lost in the mail.  so i am still in the market.  at home i have two 2k monitors, but one is rahter old.  so i suppose in the future, i may switch it out for a 4k.

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