What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

You see, in the past Olympus was very proud in releasing pictures of the metal chassis and metal top covers of their cameras. They did that for good reason, because they know metal means superior quality and durability as well as look and feel. It does cost more, to manufacture an all metal chassis that is strong yet lightweight.

Many customers simply perceive metal as more premium. Be it in camera bodies, in pro lenses, in watches, in jewellery.... And they like the feel of better too. To some it even makes a difference, if a dial wheel is made of solid metal with a sharp diamond knurling, or just a thin metal outer over a plastic core.

Have you already forgotten pictures like these? In many people, these did influence purchase decisions.

PEN-F top plate, before and after finishing – ©2016 Senzo

Magnesium alloy body panel of the PEN-F – ©2016 Senzo


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