Here is a real question re: 12-40 versus the Panny 35-100 F2.8?

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Re: Here is a real question re: 12-40 versus the Panny 35-100 F2.8?

Guy Parsons wrote:

The 12-40/2.8 reputation among the pixel peepers is that it is at its "worst" at 40mm, but I've never seen a real problem.

As I have both lenses (12-40/2.8 plus 35-100/2.8 V2) I guess later today after doing the chores I could try a few 40mm shots with both and see what I think.

In my case I will compare the camera jpegs and also the raw through DxO Photolab2 Elite results to see if anything significant shows up.

Regards...... Guy

Here is the image that first made me question my 12-40. If you allow your eyes to wander up the sunlit buttress from it's lower part to it's upper, the lower is sharp enough but the upper part is horrible, yet there is really nothing to indicate this is a depth of field issue. I shot F5 because I wanted maximum detail on the sunlit buttress. I really don't understand this as this image is much worse than others at whatever focal length.

Look only at the sunlit buttress and the trees beneath it.

I don't have many images where texture is consistent across an image to be able to evaluate relative sharpness well. And for my purposes the 12-40 has always been very good as I evaluate it. My standard has been to be able to move my face to about 9-10" from my screen until I can start to see the limits of my system's resolution. And that is fine.

I went back to spring images and don't see this problem. But in recent images where there is sufficient texture for evaluation I am seeing a tendency for the upper left part of the image to be less sharp. Does it make sense that the lenses have been disturbed or suffered wear in such a way that this might be happening?

Secondly, in my case there is no doubt that the 35-100 is significantly sharper - in fact amazingly so. I can consistently bring my eyes to within 9" of the screen. I think even at Lenstips or at Optical Limits, they are testing just one or a few lenses and perhaps there is enough variation that I lucked out in getting a superb copy of the 35-100. I was curious if others had found the same in comparing the two lenses, no matter the particular focal length shot.

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