DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

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Re: DSC-RX10 IV Pull the trigger?

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When I searched dpr for DSC-RX10 I found only a handful of threads. Obviously there are more. Best way to find them?

Be aware that the RX10 IV gets *real* noisy as ISO increases. For family pix, probably ok, as they clean up decently in LR.

I would *not* rely on it for my only camera (but this is my full-time gig). I have a 5D4 along side it.


I think to say the RX10 IV is "probably OK for family pix" sells the capabilities of the camera way short. There are a number of people on this forum that get very good results. It might not meet your needs for your "full time gig", but for many of us amateurs/hobbyists it is nothing less than a brilliant camera.

Yes, it is brilliant!

When it comes to noise, it all depends on the OP's tolerance for noise. Is it comparable to the very best FF out there? Obviously not. Is it capable of getting very nice images for a lot of us? Absolutely.

To the OP: I have posted a lot of images taken with my RX10 IV (probably more than I should have... ) even recently. Feel free to look at some of my recent posts if you are looking for some sample RX10 IV images: good, bad or indifferent.

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