Do object also have their own color or they only selectively absorb different color of a light wave

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Do object also have their own color or they only selectively absorb different color of a light wave

I heard that human can see colors of light between 400Hz to 700Hz Spectrum of Electromagnetic waves.

And when this spectrum hits the object then that object selectively absorb colors of light, those colors which are not absorbed by the object it is either reflected or pass through that object to our eyes and then

Our eye's retina which is covered by millions of light-sensitive cells of Rods (transmits mostly black and white) and Cones for RGB color sense these intensities of RGB to form particular color information which will be finally sent to our brain.

But in this entire process "How human see color" I have a question that does all objects in the world do not have their own color but rather use/show light color (electromagnetic wave color) by reflecting it to which they can't absorb?

Eg our blood-red color is made from hemoglobin so does that mean hemoglobin itself do not have red but it absorbs every color but not the red color.? does this means that entire particle in the universe do not have their own color and only "Electromagnetic waves have the color"


Another question coming in my mind is : Electromagnetic wave itself is not light so does there are two types of waves. one is an electromagnetic wave and the other is light waves and both with a different spectrum or the answer is :-

"Electromagnetic at a particular wavelength (Spectrum) produces light which is a combination of 7 colors (which forms White light)" but on certain spectrum, it does not produce light."

if that is the answer then can we make a lighted room darker by using/projecting more of that spectrum/ wavelength which is responsible for not producing light. what i mean is by adding more quantity compared to that spectrum which is causing to produce light.

Please correct me where my understanding is wrong.

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