What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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In his review, Robin Wong says the entire body is polycarbonate, which disagrees with the specs DPR has posted. I couldn't find any information about body materials on the Olympus site.

Wex says it's magnesium alloy as well.

So who to believe, a Store or one that works for Olympus?

I can't decide! It's too hard!


Robin would not say it's all plastic, without having been told by someone in the knows within his organization. Him saying "all plastic" sounds to me like this includes the internal chassis. Mind you, he says nothing negative about it. After all he is an Olympus employee. But in his video he mentions it at some length:

He's no longer an Olympus employee, but he's a Visionare.

"instead of using Magnesium alloy construction which was used in the EM5mk2, this new EM5Mk3 is fully made of plastic. When I first heard about the plastic construction I was not fully convinced, but holding the camera in my hand it does feel very solid and reassuring......"

I would be very skeptical that the camera is 100% plastic. You can even see a metal mount. But the main body being like the OMD 10 MKIII line.. sure.

So, he is saying that he is not convinced about plastic constructions. But the feel in his hands (and probably his boss) reassured him. Why else formulate it as above, he could simply have said "it's more plastic" - or not mention it at all.

Another way to look at the question is this:

If I had to chose between two otherwise perfectly identical cameras, one with metal chassis the other with plastic and a little lighter, at the same price, I would 100% sure chose metal. Now, if the plastic version was say 25% cheaper (as it ought to be), then the choice would be much harder - I may consider the plastic version.

As it is, there is no metal version of the EM5mk3. But there is the all metal EM1.2 for 20% more. And given the choice, despite me putting great value on size, I think the EM1.2 along with it's extra features is the better overall value of the two. You get a battle tank instead of a Humvee for just a little more. Let's hope the EM5.3 price soon comes down to where it belongs. Nobody would worry about plastic, if the EM5.3 was priced accordingly, eg around US$900.

I just can't touch the Em1MK2.  Too big for me. But that's for me.

Likewise, nobody would complain, if Olympus did show that the plastic they use was really some engineered hi-tech wight saving plastic, not just some plain cost saving plastic just one step above recycled food containers. As it is, it seems a big chunk of the weight savings is due the smaller battery.

Anyway, my question was in jest (the reply I did with the question).

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