What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

3dwag wrote:

dinoSnake wrote:

Gnine wrote:

Except that it isn't. There's a reason why the latest airliners are being made from carbon reinforced plastic. Strength to weight. Unlimited fatigue life.

I wouldn't say that, as modern composites certainly have rated fatigue lives. See: carbon fiber racing bicycles.


And as for great strength, see AA flight 587 😳

That was a completely inappropriate reference, and technically not even applicable to the discussion.

The failure of the composite lugs which partly attach the vertical stabilizer is probably what you are referring to. However, the lugs failed when stressed to more than two times the maximum aerodynamic design envelope of the aircraft, not because of any manufacturing or design flaw of the lugs themselves. I won’t get into the root causes (there are at least 2, as many as 4) of the aircraft being in that situation to begin with, that’s another story. And would be inappropriate and off-topic here.

Note that the metal lugs did not fail, even beyond design spec.  AFAIK no metal stabilizer has ever failed on a modern aircraft in that failure mode.

Anyway, you are right about topics, thanks for the reply.

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