What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

cba_melbourne wrote:

fstopx2 wrote:

I wear a Casio G Shock watch every day. Both to work and for play. The G Shock is almost entire plastic.

The watch is indestructible. Bang it, beat it, freeze it, heat it - ITS FINE. On top of this its solar powered and synced to an atomic clock. I have had to change a battery in years.

All this for $80.

A Vacheron Constantin watch that costs $30,000 is nowhere near as durable and does not keep as good time.

I think a camera thats made of of polymer will be ok .

Your Casio G shock actually uses a carbon reinforced resin. Not just injection molded Polycarbonate. There is a difference.

For a true comparison (like between a Magnesium camera top and a Polycarbonate top), look at a nice metal watch versus a cheap Swatch.

Thermoplastic molded case and bracelet. It's a short lived fashion statement.

You do not need to spend anywhere near $30k. My Citizen is solar powered too, synced to atomic clock too, never change a battery etc etc. It is made of Titanium, and does not look out of place when going to a concert. And if one day it looks scratched, just take some fine polishing emery cloth to it and it quickly returns like new. Try that with any plastic.

Give me the Swatch. I don't need my watch face looking like a 747 control panel.

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