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Re: Phase detect auto-focus

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The big thing missing for me from the previous versions of the EM5 is the ability to shoot in near dark in the wilderness. Night shooting in the city is no problem because of street lights. The 4/3 E3 I had could shoot wonderfully 2 hours before sunrise. With the EM5-I/II I have had to wait until 30-45 minutes before. It is really a big difference when shooting.

All of the other features of the E5II I already am very satisfied with - if I want more resolution I shoot panorama, if I want more dynamic range I shoot in burst +/I evf. I use a tripod 70% of the time so handholding is not a big deal.

Can OSPDAF focus in lower light than CDAF? I thought that Panasonic’s DfD system had the best low light focusing.

Note that on the E-M1.2 (and I assume the E-M1X) PDAF is only used for C-AF. S-AF uses CDAF.

I thought the same and olympus had confirmed that with me when i phoned them, but someone last week showed me that saf uses hybrid its apparently on one of their advertising pages.


Thanks Chris and Don. I do know the E3 could focus a lot better in the dark then the E5II

This seems so odd. I had opportunities to use the E-5 and E-M5 for evening and nighttime shoots and it was the E-5 that always went into the bag while the E-M5 kept going.

Horses for courses, I guess.

Hello Rick-

By any chance were you shooting where there were streetlights?  CDF works great there - it was when the contrast was poor that the em5 just could not get focus (a manual lens works great, of course with either).



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