Was the EM5.3 what you wanted?

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Was the EM5.3 what you wanted?

Whether buying one or not- was the EM5.3 what you wanted Olympus to come out as a new camera? Do you think it helps Olympus to compete or it's worse?

Yes! It is what I wanted/expected. This makes Olympus m43rds competitive again.
31.1% 64  votes
Well, It's a good effort but feels a bit too little, too late. Too much fierce compelling competition from $800-$1300 USD.
26.7% 55  votes
No. Olympus needed to make it $999 USD, or get a better new sensor at $1200-$1300 USD.
27.2% 56  votes
Almost but they are missing something that I think needs to be there (please reply with whatever it is you wanted)
10.2% 21  votes
Other (please reply with what that is).
4.9% 10  votes
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