What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Nikon isn't using a true carbon fiber build for their cameras. They use a product called Sereebo which is just plastic with small strands of carbon fiber mixed in. The benefit is that it can be fully injection molded and requires minimal changes in engineering versus using straight plastic as it approximates an orthotropic material to a degree. The downside is that it's nowhere close to as strong or configurable as traditional epoxy impregnated carbon fiber layups. Engineering plastics are great and there's really no problem with using them for a camera body. But trying to compare what Nikon or Olympus is doing with what you see in a 787 or high end carbon fiber bicycles is not at all accurate.

That's exactly my point. So many people hear the word plastic, and completely wig out. It's not the material, it's the design and engineering.

I would agree about that, I would even go as far as to say that for certain components a plastic can be designed to be superior to metal. The point was just that trying to justify the plastic used in cameras by pointing to aerospace structures, formula one, or high end bicycles is a bit misleading as they're extremely different materials; even the "carbon composite" used by Nikon bears little in common with a traditional composite structure from a material property point of view.

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