Anyone gone from Canon 5D4 to XT3?

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Anyone gone from Canon 5D4 to XT3?

I really want to move to mirrorless for my professional work. The benefits of the EVF are undeniable along with silent shooting and all the other stuff.

I was planning on waiting until Canon released their pro offering.

Then last week I was talking to a photographer at a Bridal Expo where I was exhibiting talking about how she had switched to Fuji.

I never really thought about it much... you know how you get stuck in your ways a bit and can't be bothered checking new stuff out .... anyway I started looking into it and I am REALLY impressed at the cost of the Fuji Lenses and Bodies. The Canon mirrorless glass is mind blowingly good but mind blowingly expensive as well. Also I imagine that when the 5D4 replacement comes it will be expensive as well.

The general consensus is that the Fuji is an extraordinary camera.

I have looked around youtube etc and thought it might be easier just to ask questions to gear heads.

1) Can you set a minimum shutter speed in Aperture mode and run exposure comp from one of the command dials? I set my Canon to be a minimum of 1/ 250th

2) Do the Godox triggers work OK?

3) One thing I love about the Canon raw files is how nice they are off the camera. Is Fuji in the same ballpark?

4) Is the AF as good as the Canon. They can almost focus in the dark.

5) What size are the Raw files off the camera? The canon is about 30 megs at 100 iso.

In summary I work at a pretty basic level shooting weddings. 40% of the time in Aperture and the other 60% in manual. Mainly use single shot, Never use burst (Except for family photos so I do not have to photoshop faces if someone blinks). I tend to use 24-70 and 70-200 95% of the time. Even though they are 2.8 I can't really remember the last time I shot at 2.8 I am more concerned with focus than bokeh. As I have matured I pay more attention to backgrounds so blurry does not matter to me.

The season has stopped for me and I am thinking about buying one, giving it a go for a few months and if I hate it .... I'll sell it at a small loss.

Any comments appreciated.

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