What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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Re: What's all this talk about plastic bodies?

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My E-30 had a polycarbonate composite body and alloy chassis, and my E-510 was mostly polycarbonate with some internal metal bits. They are 10 and 12 years old respectively, and still function perfectly.

In some ways, I prefer the E-30 build parameters, as strong composites are far tougher than metal when it comes to shock resistance. My E-510 is the only camera I have ever dropped in over 60 years. Not a mark on it. That was on the second day I owned it . Still works perfectly.

I do appreciate that both my E-M1s are built like tanks, but does it really matter for the vast majority of us? I doubt it.

In practical use, probably not. But be honest, do you wear a plastic watch? Would you buy plastic earrings for your spouse?

My phone is all enigineered materials. Unlike my wife's Samsung, it doesn't need a protective case and screen cover. Mine is IP68 bare, IIRC ... Can be dropped onto concrete or into a lavatory without problems. Not that I've tested either ... .

BTW thanks to Helen, Chris and others who have addressed the lack of correct factual information in such detail.

There is a huge differece in strength and cost between plain Polycarbonate, and reinforced Polycarbonate. Unfortunately, those few cameras and lenses I have taken apart used just plain Polycarbonate. Indicating it was used to save cost, not weight.

Chris, the bumpers on both our cars are unreinforced polycarbonate, unlike some cheap cars where they are weaker/cheaper plastics. IME, these polycarbonate bumpers are far stronger and tougher than the metal bumpers on most of my older cars.

Now come on, your stretching that a bit far, give me good steel bars any day on my Landrover You can have your cheap plastic crap next they will be making plastic tow bars

I replaced the one on mine with an alloy roo bar to protect my top radiator tank, but not because of toughness, because of coverage.

Nope. People have no idea how good properly engineered plastics are.


didnt you watch the $20mill Australia Americas cup boat sink in 30 sec because they cranked the back stay on to much and broke the boat in 2 now on ragamuffin the maxi 80 footer i could crank the backstay on and bend the boat 400mm without a problem. it was made of aluminium.


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